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    Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Area is made up of Foshan Sino-Europe Industrial Services Zone, Foshan Central Urban Area, and Modern Lingnan (south of the Five Ridges) Culture New City. It has five major functions including transportation hub, informational media, business service, sports and leisure, and commerce and finance.
07.jpg     Covering an area of 88 km2, Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Area (hereinafter referred as “the demonstration area) is located at the south-central Foshan. It is against Guangzho...
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    The Project of Kuka Robotics

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    Remondis Group

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    Steinbeis Foundation (Steinb

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    Cooperation Agreement with F

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    BUAA Technology Transfer

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    Foshan Branch of German Alli

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    Viering, Jentschura & Partne

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    GEBRüDER PETERS Gebudetechn

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    Pharmaceutical Excipients Re

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    H3 (Sino-German Lichuang Inv

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    Representative Office of RSB

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    The Project of Asia-Pacific

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    Foshan Branch of eCapital (C

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    Sino-German Vocational Techn

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    Foshan Guangjin Sino-Europea

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    B.R.G Architecture

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    LOHO International Culture E

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    Foshan Office of GMP Archite

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    Germany Council for the Prom

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    Ventum Consulting Ltd.

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    Foshan Deshang Penghan Manag

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    Research Center for Asian-Eu

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    Siemens Ltd., China Foshan O